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Spousal Support

In Louisiana, an award of spousal support is not guaranteed. It is typically paid in longer-term marriages when there is income disparity between the two parties. At Oriol Law Firm, we will work to make sure that payments are fair to your circumstances.

Interim and Final Spousal Support

There are two types of spousal support in Louisiana:

  • Interim spousal support is support that is paid while the divorce is in process. The amount of interim support is based on the financial needs of the recipient spouse and the manner in which he or she is accustomed to living. Interim support is usually larger than final support.
  • Final spousal support is support paid after the divorce is final. In determining the amount, the court does not consider how you lived in the past or how you are accustomed to living. It only considers your needs.

Can Spousal Support Be Modified After Divorce?

Modifications to spousal support can be made if there is a significant change to the financial circumstances of either party. Spousal support can end if the recipient spouse marries or cohabits with someone else as if he or she were married.

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